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Happy Writers: Handwriting Program for Children


Children of all abilities can struggle with handwriting. Your child spends a large portion of their day at school handwriting, despite the increasing use of technology. Handwriting is a complex skill, requiring a number of skills including visual motor, fine motor, spatial awareness and memory. When handwriting becomes automated, your child is able to focus on the content of what they are writing instead of forming the letter correctly.


When a child struggles with handwriting they can fall behind in their classwork, have exam answers marked incorrect due to poor legibility, their self esteem can be impacted and they spend a large part of their school day performing a task they dislike.

Aims of the program:

  • To make handwriting automated
  • Provide a multi-sensory approach to learning letter formation
  • Improve legibility
  • Improvements to writing within lines

 If you would like more information or would like someone to contact you please send us a message.


If you would like to book your child in for Happy Writers then head over to our bookings page

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