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Happy Hands: Fine Motor Skills Occupational Therapy for Children


Fine motor skills are integral for participating in everyday tasks at school and at home. For example, brushing teeth, getting dressed, using scissors, developing pencil grip, letter formation, tying shoelaces, and opening lunch boxes. Without these skills a child’s confidence and self-esteem can be affected and academic performance is often compromised.


The Happy Hands Fine Motor Program welcomes kids whose fine motor development is delayed due to neurological conditions, developmental coordination disorders, abnormalities in their muscle tone, and sensory processing difficulties, among others. Because fine motor skills involve small movements of the hand and fingers, fine motor skills are crucial in school performance, self-confidence and independence.

The children we work with have concerns, such as awkward and weak grips, difficulty in maneuvering small objects, like buttons, shoelaces and zippers, clumsiness and messiness. These kids are often good at activities involving gross motor skills (playground play, dance, martial arts, etc.), but they avoid sit-down activities like scribbling and playing with small toys. Moreover, they find it difficult to dress or clean themselves up.

If you’re not sure if your child is a good fit for our program, feel free to talk to our team. We provide a free 15-minute assessment to check your child’s difficulties with fine motor skills.

Improving Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

This program will:

  • Develop age appropriate fine motor skills
  • Increase hand and upper limb strength
  • Improve academic outcomes
  • Increase confidence

Our program seeks to improve a child’s fine motor skills, which could lead to improved academic performance and higher self-esteem. The children can enhance their:

  • Using Pencils – writing, drawing, colouring, etc.
  • Playing – building puzzles and Lego, using stylus, dressing up dolls, etc.
  • Dressing – zipping jackets, buttoning shirts, tying shoelaces, etc.
  • Eating – using cutlery, setting the table, opening food bags, etc.
  • Cleaning Themselves – brushing their teeth, taking a bath, combing hair, etc.

This is a 10-week program and although single sessions are available, we encourage and recommend participation in the full program to gain the best possible results.

This program is for children aged between 4-8 and is run from our clinic, in schools and in early childhood education centres. 

If you would like more information or would like someone to contact you please send us a message.


If you would like to book your child in for Happy Hands Fine Motor Program then head over to our bookings page

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