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CALM: Junior Mental Health Program for Children

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Preventing mental health conditions in children is paramount. Healthy emotional and social development is the framework for mental health resilience in childhood and adult life.


This program provides early and effective intervention, capturing children before school and life stresses are introduced. The program aims to provide strategies to increase resilience, confidence and improve mental and physical health.

The program includes strategies for relaxation, positive health choices, coping, creative exploration, yoga, exercise and how to talk about feelings and emotions.

Through this program, we can help to lessen discrimination and stigmatisation of mental health conditions by schools, health professionals and parents working together.

This program is for children aged between 7-11 and is run in a school. It runs over a full term with 45-minute sessions each fortnight. There are up to 10 children per session.

If you would like more information about us running this program in your school or would like someone to contact you please send us a message.


If you would like to book your child in for CALM then head over to our bookings page

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