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Loneliness and social isolation is quickly becoming the next public health crisis with risks higher than those associated with obesity and substance abuse. Statistics show that 50-60% of people in Australia over the age of 65 feel lonely or socially isolated and between 26% and 29% of people over 61 experience loneliness at least once a month.

Being lonely and / or socially isolated has been attributed to being a risk factor for early death and is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day!  It also has twice the health risk factors as obesity. People who identify themselves as lonely have 59% greater risk of decline in health.

Research shows that being lonely or socially isolated:

  • Increases depression and anxiety
  • Increases high blood pressure
  • Increases risk of Dementia
  • Increases incidence of falls
  • Increases need for institutional care
  • Decreases quality of life and overall well being
  • Increases risk of premature mortality

The Connections Home Support Package provides weekly ‘in home’ support to specifically address the issue of loneliness and social isolation. The support package is tailored to the individual person and includes:

  • Weekly phonecalls
  • Weekly companion visits
  • Monthly health check from a registered nurse
  • Initial home safety assessment from an occupational therapist
  • Falls prevention education from an occupational therapist
  • Monthly report to nominated person or GP
  • Information folder about local activities/events/groups
  • Assistance to engage with suitable local organisations/groups
  • Quarterly well-being and quality of life occupational therapy assessment and report
  • Liaison with other local services/organisations
  • Concerns communicated to the nominated person or GP immediately

This package is ideal for people, or people who have parents or family members, who are feeling lonely or socially isolated.

One size does NOT fit all so we will talk to you personally to develop the right package for you. We understand that things change so we are more than happy to modify the package as needs change.

The program can be funded privately, by using a home care package or through NDIS or My Aged Care funding.  People have a choice on how they would like to spend their package so talk to the provider about funding.  If you would like some assistance to do this then please just give us a call and we can assist you.

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