CAEATI and MASS Applications

CAEATI Initiative

CAEATI03The Community Aids, Equipment and Assistive Technologies Initiative (CAEATI) helps people with a disability to continue to access their local community by providing subsidy funding for a range of equipment and assistive technologies.  The scheme subsidises the cost of:

  • The occupational therapist to assist the client to complete the application
  • Assistive technology to aid communication, mobility and access to the local community
  • Active participation in recreational and civic activities
  • Postural support to improve functional participation

Access Therapy Services can conduct the assessment, complete the necessary paperwork and submit the application on your behalf.

CAEATI Guidelines:

Community Aids Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative (CAEATI) Guidelines

MASS Scheme

CAEATI02Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) provides access to subsidy funding for the provision of MASS endorsed aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents with permanent and stabilised conditions or disabilities. The range of MASS aids and equipment is selected to assist people to live at home and avoid premature or inappropriate residential care or hospitalisation. Aids and equipment are subsidy funded either on a permanent loan basis, private ownership or through the purchase of consumables.

Applicants seeking MASS subsidised aids and equipment can arrange a clinical assessment by Access Therapy Services a as we are an approved health care provider by MASS. The health care provider authorised to prescribe your equipment can vary depending on the aid required.

MASS Guidelines:

Mass Guidelines


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