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The Golden Ticket to Wellness in 2020

Wellness, the word everyone begins to focus on after the festivities of bringing in the new year. But what if we were missing something? What if the reason we never feel fully achieved is that we are missing parts of our wellness or depleting one in the pursuit of another? The key is to support all areas and to acknowledge when one needs a break or to be built up.


Holistic wellness involves balance between the following areas;

  • Emotional wellness: Understanding your feelings and how to cope with and manage these
  • Physical wellness: Engaging in proper exercise and eating habits to meet physical needs
  • Intellectual wellness: Expanding knowledge, skills and creativity through different activities
  • Social wellness: Developing connections and positive relationships with others
  • Environmental wellness: Creating a stimulating environment by caring for your surroundings
  • Spiritual wellness: Finding a sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Occupational wellness: Achieving satisfaction in daily activities and being able to grow them
  • Financial wellness: Meeting current and future financial health goals


It is vital to remember all of these areas to achieve your 2020 wellness goals. When one is being used too much, this will impact other areas and affect that delicate balance. A primary example is our work life balance. If we are giving all of our time and energy to developing our career, we will find ourselves run down and even burnt out. This will impact emotional wellness, physical wellness and so on.  As a result you may find your career goals slipping away along with your health.


Luckily there are things that can be done to balance and develop your wellness.

  • Emotional wellness: engage in mindfulness and relaxation techniques, know when to ask for help, focus on your joy, learn how to manage stress
  • Physical wellness: being active, eating well, getting enough sleep, seeing relevant health professionals, listening to your body
  • Intellectual wellness: challenge your brain, read more, do puzzles, get creative, learn your interests
  • Social wellness: join groups of interest, take up an activity, go to social environments, connect on social media, use social apps
  • Environmental wellness: declutter your space, recycle, learn about the environment, donate or volunteer to environmental supports
  • Spiritual wellness: understand your values, explore your beliefs, look at how you can best follow these and make the best decisions for you
  • Occupational wellness: set career and life goals, prioritise what is important, find ways to make daily activities easier
  • Financial wellness: have a financial plan, set a budget, learn about spending and saving, follow financial information resources


Its important to remember that life is about balance and to achieve holistic wellness we need to support ourselves in all areas and recognise when we need to take a break, build ourselves up or just take time to appreciate our achievements. Here’s to doing 2020 with all the wellness you desire.

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