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I Will Do Chores for Abs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your daily chores done whilst also keeping on top of your fitness? It turns out that there are lots of activities that you can do at home which can help to work up a sweat. From vacuuming to loading the groceries, there are many ways you can incorporate exercise into your busy schedule. 

Here's some tips to get you started;

 Cleaning is an ongoing activity, especially if you have children or pets. This is a great way to increase your daily activity. Some tips include;

  • Complete upper limb exercises while dusting or cleaning windows
  • Use household items as weights i.e. carton of milk, can of beans, bag of sugar/flour
  • Washing and drying dishes is a great way to work your body and develop endurance when standing (remember to keep your core activated)
  • When completing tasks at a table think about turning your torso from side to side (keeping the core activated)
  • Turn on some music when cleaning and get a boogie while cleaning
  • Try standing on one leg when standing while doing the dishes or brushing your teeth (remember to keep the core activated)

When washing your clothes try these things;

  • Putting clothes into and out of the washing machine can develop back and core function (remember to bend at the knee to support balance).  If you have a front loader machine then squat to load the machine and activate your core and leg muscles to push yourself up
  • Hanging clothes is a great way to support balance and upper limb control
  • Folding clothes can be used to develop postural control, and upper limb coordination

Grow your muscles and garden at the same time with these ideas:

  • Mowing is a great way to develop muscular endurance, make sure to use your legs and arms to support your movement and take rests as needed
  • When gardening focus on your leg and shoulder muscles, make sure to stretch and not stay in the one position too long, try adding some squats in

When getting the groceries or going shopping, these are some ways you can up the pace;

  • Carry groceries upstairs to strengthen arms, remember to keep the weight balanced and not too heavy
  • Get your twist on when unpacking groceries (remember to keep your core activated) or do some squats and arm lifts when unpacking
  • If you’re not doing a big grocery haul, see how far your local shop is and walk there instead of driving

Trying these activities can be a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, just remember these tips to keep your body safe while doing them;

  • Remember to keep your core activated during these activities
  • When you're sweeping or mopping, don’t go back and forth over small areas, try a longer sweep 
  • Instead of bending at your waist, step forward with one foot and bend at the knee to maintain an upright position or keep a neutral back and core on and work your legs
  • If you have something to work on at floor level, bring it up to table height if possible
  • Change your position when in one place for long periods of time, such as cooking or cleaning. Widen your stance, alternate your position to avoid repeated stress on the same muscles or use a chair 

 Exercise can be incorporated in a variety of tasks that we do every day.  If you can think about ways to exercise whilst doing things around the house or garden then you can keep on top of your fitness without having to do extra activity!  

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