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About Access Therapy Services


Established in 2010, Access Therapy Services is a private Occupational Therapy practice based in North Queensland and the community’s advocate for quality and fulfilment at all stages of life. We work with all facets of our diverse community including children and young adults, aged support and community care, and workplace education and training. Our qualified team also work with undergraduates to offer training and practical experience, to develop the next generation of Occupational Therapists.


We are committed to the philosophy that life should be embraced and enjoyed to its fullest by everyone. It’s not only what people deserve, it's what they have a right to expect. However, it isn’t necessarily something that can be taken for granted. That is the role of occupational therapy. At Access Therapy Services, we’re dedicated to investing our knowledge, passion and absolute focus into making that a reality for all.

Through tailored occupational therapy services, we enrich lives, giving individuals the skills and confidence to live their life to the fullest. We continuously strive to be at the forefront of global developments and insight.

We have strong links with local health organisations, private business, community organisations and local tertiary institutions. We work in close collaboration with these organisations to provide high quality care for clients, education and training. We offer a broad range of services all with the express purpose of supporting people to do what they want and need to do each day and live their best possible life.



Shop G06 Domain Central,
103 - 141 Duckworth Street, Garbutt
Townsville, QLD 4814
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Office hours

Monday-Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
Weekend: Closed