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Access Health Education
Celebrating 10 Years

Access Therapy Services

Life should be embraced and enjoyed to its fullest by everyone. It’s not only what people deserve, it's what they have a right to expect. However, it isn’t necessarily something that can be taken for granted.

That is the role of occupational therapy. At Access Therapy Services, we’re dedicated to investing our knowledge, passion and absolute focus into making that a reality for all Australians.

We work with anyone who needs support and therapy as the result of injury, major surgeries, illness or disability so they can return to a sense of independence. We partner with aged care facilities, community organisations, schools and early education centres to maintain and create the foundations for happier, healthier lives in our community.

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Access Health Education

Welcome to Access Health Education; an innovative and new way to learn. This online training is for parents, teachers, carers, allied health professionals and anyone involved in the health industry or caring for a loved one.

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